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About Me

Thom Brown Travel - A traveller resting on a tree trunk in the British countryside

The line between my life as a writer and a wanderer is becoming blurred. This is the digital manifestation of a physical, spiritual, and intellectual journey.

I was born in Oxford in 1995, growing up in Oxfordshire. I eventually moved up north to complete my degree in Politics and Philosophy at the University of Sheffield.

It was shortly after graduating that I decided to forge my own path through life. I chose to earn my living from my passion: exploring people, places, and ideas. This is what I mean by merging writing with wandering.

My career as a professional writer began at the end of 2016, shortly after graduating and failing to find a “real job”. I took freelance writing gigs and realised this was the realest job I could have. Even better, I could do it from anywhere.

Thom Brown doing his freelance writing in Thailand
Running my freelance writing business from a beachside bungalow in Koh Chang, Thailand

I created this website during the 2020 pandemic. I’d been based as a travel writer and photographer in Ghana with Projects Abroad. As Coronavirus spread, I was sadly forced to return to the UK and immediately placed into lockdown.

Luckily, I had more than three years of hard travel under my belt. During that time, I learned a great deal – not least that travel can be difficult and unsustainable. While in quarantine, it was time to become reflective about my travel habits. When I return to global exploration, how can I travel better?

This website is an exploration of journeys taken and lessons learned; of people, places, and ideas. Let’s travel better.

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