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Thom Brown

Digital Nomad, Global Explorer, Restless Writer

This site began in Lockdown 1.0 as a way to explore the concept of travel when travel wasn’t possible.

Since then, it’s grown to become a resource guide for how to travel more ethically, sustainably, and meaningfully.

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Creative Writing and Journalism
Leading Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing
Organic SEO
WordPress and CMS
Photography, Video, and Editing


Projects Abroad

Based in Ghana, responsible for writing travel stories, photo and video, conducting interviews, optimising webpages, social media posting, and forming lasting relationships with volunteers, staff, and beneficiaries.

Writing Samples for Projects Abroad

A Guide for Travellers in Lockdown

5 Things to Expect in Ghana

Ghana Packing List

Interviews with Host Mothers


As Head of Content, responsible for the content calendar, writing posts, connecting with travel trendsetters, captioning Instagram posts, and conducting compelling interviews.

Writing Samples for ARCIDO

Intrepid Times

Scholarship winner to tell my travel story and then repeat contributor, offering highly-descriptive, narrative-driven content.

Writing Samples for Intrepid Times

The Abandoned Notebook

Missing Ghana

Research Outreach

Philosophy Writer, responsible for picking apart academic papers and re-writing them to be accessible to the average curious reader.

Writing Samples for Research Outreach

Utopia and the Meaning of Life

Tragedy Through Children’s Drawings

Beyond Alchemy

How Ritual Creates Religion

Storytelling Across Social Divides

Radical Innovation


Head of Marketing, responsible for website traffic, site design, on-page SEO, brand collaborations, and content management.

Sample piece for HYBR

Sustainable Student Travel


Responsible for crafting in-depth city guides and general advice for digital nomads looking for their next home.

19 Questions Answered About Living in a Hostel

12 Networking Opportunities if You Work Remotely

11 Ways to Achieve Your Career Goals While Traveling

A Day in the Life of a Half Tourist

11 Remote Work Tips and Tools

17 Remote Work Spots

25 Companies that Offer Fully Remote Work

17 Pieces of Advice for Pairing Remote Work and Travel

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