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Save Money on Flights and Travel More

Without a doubt, using Skyscanner is the easiest and most effective way to land cheap flights. I’ve tried them all, and nowhere makes it easier to find the best flight deal than this comparison site – as long as you know how to use it. There are plenty of cheap flights out there, you just have to be savvy enough to hunt them down.

Follow these simple steps to score the cheapest flight every time.

Cheap flights on Skyscanner
Where will your next budget flight take you?

Step One: Select Your Departure By Country to Access Cheap Flights

Different airlines go from different airports, so be flexible to find the best cheap flights. Skyscanner lets you search by country, giving you access to far more deals.

For instance, my nearest airports are Birmingham and Heathrow, though I’m willing to travel to any other airport in the South or Middle of England.

Heck, I’d even go further than this.

My Estonian girlfriend recently visited me in the south of England. She did this by flying to Edinburgh airport and then paying just £20 for a train down to Birmingham where I could meet her. The same could work in reverse.

Depending on where you live, you could even set your departure to nearby countries.

My mum wanted to visit me when I lived in Ghana, so she booked a direct flight from Brussels airport, and then booked a train from London to Brussels – this was the cheapest option, not to mention a relatively comfortable journey.

Previously, I’ve managed to book cheap flights from Bratislava to Birmingham. Though in a different country, this is only an hour from Vienna, meaning I can make massive savings on a trip to Austria. So get the map out and expand your search to look for airports all across your homeland, or even in a neighbouring country.

Cheap flights are easy to find on Skyscanner
Searching a single city limits your options. Search by whole country to find more cheap flights.

Step Two: Set Your Destination to “Everywhere”

This. This is what makes Skyscanner stand head and shoulders above the competition.

You can literally search every country in the world and then order the results by cheapest first. From there, simply scroll down the list and check out the first country that appeals.

In my piece on the superiority of cheap travel, I mention the importance of destination research. From many places in Europe, for instance, there are cheap flights to cities like Oslo.

While I’ve been to Oslo (and loved it!), I only stayed a night as a stop-off. The accommodation and food costs are simply too high to make it worth choosing the cheapest flight.

You’d be better off spending more on a flight in exchange for a cheaper hotel.

Cheap flights require flexibility. Forget your dream destination and just search “Everywhere”.

Step Three: Set Your Travel Dates to “Cheapest Month”

Yes, it all comes down to flexibility. Here’s why it’s possible: the cheaper your travel costs, the more travelling you can do, and the more flexible you can be. While all flights become more expensive during the holidays, different destinations can have different peak months.

As I write this, the cheapest flights are less than £10. However, when you click through to the destinations, some of these cheap flights leave in a couple of days, while others depart in several months. So you’ll have to balance cheapness against your availability to fly.

In my experience, however, flights leaving the soonest after you book tend to be on the cheaper side. So don’t be afraid of last-minute bookings.

These are the not-quite-full planes, looking to fill up their remaining seats. They’re also the most exciting trips to take; they feel the most spontaneous!

Skyscanner is full of cheap flights, you just have to know how to find them

Step Four: Compare Cheap Flights Across Platforms

I’m gonna level with you, searching for cheap flights is addictive. There are literally thousands of flights leaving everyday and the possibilities are uncountable. You end up in a Paradox of Choice situation, always believing there must be a better deal out there, if only you can find it.

When it comes to booking the flight, you might not feel totally satisfied. Perhaps you think there’s something better that you’ve missed. At least, that’s how I sometimes feel with my obsessive personality.

At some point, you have to make a decision. Before that, though, there’s one final check you can do. The flight you find won’t only exist on Skyscanner, so search the same route on other Platforms.

Your best bets are Google Flights, Kayak, and Skiplagged. Punch your flight details into their search engines just to give yourself peace of mind that you really have found an unbelievably cheap flight!

Then pack your bag and get ready to explore wherever the Skyscanner gods have sent you.

Help me promote better travel!

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