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Bellroy tech pouch is an excellent travel accessory
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Pure Quality, Optimal Organisation

For a long time, I just threw all my tech together into a regular packing cube. My tech got smashed about and scratched up a bit – and the cables badly tangled – but at least all my tech was in one place. Eventually, though, I needed a proper tech pouch.

After seeing Chase Reeves rave constantly about his one from Bellroy, I decided to give it a go. To be fair, if Chase Reeves endorsed anything, I’d want it. At £49, it wasn’t cheap, but I was hopeful this would do an incredible job and last a long time. I can safely say that I can’t imagine a better tech pouch, either for me or as a gift for someone else.

Watch Chase Reeves talk through his favourite tech pouches

A Packing Cube Designed from the Bottom up to be a Tech Pouch

Tech has become an essential part of travel, especially if you want to live a digital nomad lifestyle. Therefore, travellers need a way to organise their gadgets and accessories. While you can put all your electronics into a packing cube or Dopp kit, this isn’t ideal.

The Bellroy pouch has been designed from the ground up with tech in mind. The exterior is tough and waterproof to prevent damage, there are loops for cables, and tight mesh to hold everything in place.

Upgrading to a dedicated tech pouch gives you peace of mind that your gadgets are safe.

There’s space for larger items like a laptop cable and a mouse as well as the little things, like an SD card. Everything is held tightly and securely. This means than items won’t roll around in transit and your cables won’t tie themselves in knots. You decide where to put everything; Bellroy just makes sure it stays there.

The Perfect Size for What I Need

Getting the size of any travel organiser right is tricky. Even when it comes to backpacks, I never know whether to take something larger in case I pick up bulky items or keep my bag small for increased mobility. I settled on a 28L ARCIDO backpack, but sometimes I feel this is too big or too small. You just can’t win!

It’s the same story with packing cubes. Sometimes I travel with thick warm clothes, sometimes I don’t. Maybe I want a smart shirt for one trip and technical travel T-shirts for another. So I have a range of larger and smaller packing cubes, choosing the right one for each trip.

When the Bellroy tech pouch arrived, though, it just felt right. Here’s the tech I currently travel with:

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • Mirrorless Camera
  • GoPro
    • Spare batteries and charging bank
  • Beard trimmer
  • Apple Mouse
  • Power bank
  • Universal adapter plug
  • Cables
    • Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning
    • Laptop charging cable
    • USB Plug
The Bellroy tech pouch I travel with
How I organise my Bellroy tech pouch

I’ve tried to keep my tech to a minimum, but I realise this looks like quite a lot. However, the Bellroy takes it all comfortably, excluding the bulkier laptop (obviously), mirrorless camera, beard trimmer, and GoPro and batteries. Everything else fits into this tech pouch.

That’s the vast majority of my tech items kept neatly in one organising cube. I even have space to add a padlock in there! I then use a separate camera bag for the mirrorless camera and everything else goes either loose in one of my backpack pockets or safely tucked in with my clothes.

One thing I love about the Bellroy tech pouch is that, although it has a hard shell, there is some flexibility. This means that if you don’t stuff it full, it can be squeezed and squashed into a small space. This gives you the option of packing less and being rewarded with more space in your bag.

A Tech Pouch Made of Stunning Materials

The greatest thing about the Bellroy tech pouch, as with most travel gear, is the materials it’s made of:

  • Outer shell: This recycled plastic bottle material feels incredible to touch; soft, yet scratchy. It’s been made sustainably for eco-conscious travellers and could no doubt last a decade or more of hard travel. It’s this kind of durability and sustainability that makes a piece of travel gear worth paying top dollar for.
  • Inside mesh: This is a work of genius, holding its tight shape even when stretched to fit a bulky MacBook cable. Most mesh either starts to sag or rips fairly quickly. Bellroy has created mesh pockets that are nice to touch and show no sign of wear or tear, even after heavy usage.
  • Zips: They’re just the highest quality. I can comfortably zip and unzip this with one hand and I’ve no worry about it breaking or water seeping in. Even when I’ve bulked this thing out, I can confidently zip the tech pouch closed and everything is kept compact.
  • Magnets (how…do they work?!): Lots of bags have them these days, but they can feel weedy. Not so on the Bellroy tech pouch. I put my rather large 20,000 mAh power bank in the back and the magnets hold it in place. Rather pleasingly, the power bank just seems to disappear in there and it doesn’t cramp the space in the rest of the pouch.
Bellroy tech pouch on top of camera cube
My tech pouch size comparison with my camera cube.

You get what you pay for and the Bellroy tech pouch is worth every penny. It’s not a huge organising pouch, so don’t expect to fit a camera in there. But it can fit a surprising amount. The Bellroy tech pouch keeps your gadgets safe and organised so you know exactly where they are when you need them.

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